Advanced Research Activities


The scientific research of CAPPA aims to advance the understanding of the dynamics of novel semiconductor materials and devices from both applied and fundamental viewpoints, with particular focus on quantum dot materials. Quantum dots are man-made nanostructures where the motion of the electrons and holes is confined in all three spatial dimensions. As a result, quantum dots have discrete energy levels instead of the energy bands observed in bulk and quantum well materials. For this reason, it was originally thought that quantum dots would combine many of the optical properties characteristic of atoms and molecules within compact semiconductor waveguides.

The group’s research can be categorised into three principal areas, each of which is described in detail in this section. For details on the techniques used in the experiments, please refer to the Techniques page, and for specifications of the equipment, please refer to the Facilities page.

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This section focuses on the more advanced scientific research of CAPPA. For a description of the more industry-oriented research activities of CAPPA, please see the Research for Industry section, which includes activities such as Spectroscopy, Advanced Imaging and Optical Design.