Current Projects


In this section, you can find brief descriptions of some of CAPPA’s currently funded, longer term research projects. Core funding for CAPPA is based around the Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway and Dr. Whelan-Curtin’s DANCeR ERC Starting Grant. A diverse portfolio of grants from a range of national and international funding sources then leverages these core projects. Some of the larger projects have separate pages accessible from the menu on the left, while major projects which have now completed are listed on the Past Projects page.

CAPPA Technology Gateway

Funding Agency Enterprise Ireland Programme Technology Gateways

The CAPPA Technology Gateway is one of a network of 15 gateways funded by Enterprise Ireland, and serves as the portal for industry partners to access the capabilities of CAPPA (refer to the Innovation for Industry section). It builds on the previous success of the CAPPA Applied Research Enhancement centre, also funded by Enterprise Ireland from 2007-2012. It is one of two Technology Gateways hosted by CIT, together with the Technologies for Embedded Computing (TEC) Gateway. Read more about the Technology Gateway in the ‘About CAPPA’ section.

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Funding Agency Higher Education Authority Programme PRTLI Cycle 5

The Centre for Advanced Therapeutic Engineering (CREATE) is a start-of-the-art research building funded by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) through Cycle 5 of the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI). It is situated on the main Bishopstown campus of CIT, and includes two of CAPPA’s labs as well as office space.


The CREATE building on the CIT campus.

The concept of CREATE is to assemble a multidisciplinary collaborative research team in the same state-of-the-art building, combining the three areas of biosciences, biomedical technologies and advanced bio-imaging to drive research in Advanced Therapeutic Engineering. CREATE’s three complementary research strands come from two of the Institute’s Strategic Research Clusters (SRC’s) and provide convergence on translational health research across the spectrum from patient care to product development. Bio-molecule discovery involves peptide analysis & engineering including bio-informatics & molecular diagnostics, focusing on therapeutic applications in infectious disease, gut health and cancer. Biomedical engineering concentrates on implant technology platforms, including SMART surgical devices, post-operative rehabilitation and biomaterials for in-vivo therapy and regeneration, partnering with clinicians and industry. Advanced imaging focuses on developing new devices for optical imaging applications in biomedical and process analysis in partnership with industry and academia.

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