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June 19, 2018

Cork 2018

CAPPA recently featured in the Sunday Business Post which focused on Cork businesses titled “A city looking back to go forward” which was published on 17th of June 2018. CAPPA’s Technology Gateway manager, Dr Liam Lewis, was interviewed by Quinton O’ Reilly on behalf of the Sunday Business Post. The article also featured Nimbus and Rubicon research centres that are within Cork Institute of Technology and that similarly to CAPPA, are working closely with the business community. One of the keys to a healthy economy is innovation and CAPPA are continuing to try and drive this growth within their research centre.

When Dr Lewis was speaking with the Sunday Business Post he said the links with the wider community in Cork give its research facilities a practical element and helped when starting new projects. “One of the things we’ve become quite adept at is understanding the exact needs of the company and also being able to work towards the solution they want or not as the case may be. A company would like to know if their idea is worth pursuing and if they can be told early on that it’s not, that’s a good result for them. While the goal is always the key, how you get there isn’t as important. There might be differences in the route or it mightn’t even be possible, but every research project creates more data that can be used for future projects. Everything folds into itself and its partnerships with small, medium and large companies add to that.”

Some of the projects CAPPA is working on include diagnostics kits so those with known conditions can monitor themselves and miniaturisation of diagnostic and sensory equipment. Dr Lewis finds that the large companies can be quite focused on what they want to get out of the partnership, while smaller ones are often open to suggestions. “A lot of it is to do with resources: smaller companies don’t necessarily have the in-house expertise to do too much investigation on the issue, but they know it’s something that can add value or can bring benefit if they solve the problem. It can be different depending on the group you’re working with.”

If you would like to learn more about CAPPA you can read the full article here or contact us directly here.

Sunday Business Post