Analyte Consultants

Analyte Consultants

Company Analyte Consultants
Type SME
Sector Consultants
Engagement Innovation Voucher

Company Overview

Analyte Consultants is a consultancy company founded in 2013 with its main aim to assist companies with research and development strategies, engage in technical transfers, regulatory affairs and fundraising. The company also operated in the area of research and development of diagnostic equipment for veterinary medicine.

Engagement with CAPPA

Analyte consultants wanted to develop a low – cost imaging modality that is able to resolve 20 ┬Ám coloured (red and blue) beads. CAPPA carried out a state of the art baseline review and identified a viable option. Further micro-imaging using a close – up lens and standard mobile phone and also shadowgraphy on chip were assembled and tested.

How CAPPA Delivered Solution for Industry

The optical detection of nanoparticles was a fundamental work package of our project, without which with had no viable alternative for analyte detection. CAPPA presented a number of different detection techniques one of which was ideal for the deliverable agreed. This was an extremely difficult task bearing in mind the time and quality constrains associated with the development of this technology were extremely aggressive. We were delighted with the project outcome which enabled us to continue further development of our platform.

“The only word applicable to CAPPA is excellence, not only in terms of scientific competency, but their ability to interface and communicate with us at key milestones in the project. The final report was of the highest standard both clear and comprehensible. I highly recommend CAPPA for any company in the optics/light imaging sector. As a result, we have now decided to continue our research and development with the centre due to their proven ability to delivery on time to scope and to the quality we expected.”

James Hayes, Managing Director