NuWave Sensors

Company NuWave Sensors
Type SME
Sector Healthcare
Engagement Innovation Voucher

Company Overview

NuWave Sensors develops a range of smart air quality sensors designed to continuously monitor airborne contaminants in industrial and commercial environments where the stability of air quality is essential and rapid diagnosis of contamination events are crucial. Their clients include healthcare facilities, manufacturing, food processing and cleanroom environments as well as research and environmental monitoring. The company wanted to design, prototype and cost a collimated laser diode based light engine to replace a poor performance light source used by NuWave Sensors in their current product.

Engagement with CAPPA

The Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher has enabled CAPPA to first benchmark the current product (beam profiling). CAPPA subsequently designed (numerical simulation in ZEMAX) and prototyped (off the shelf components), and made recommendations and costing’s in relation to medium to high volume fabrication of LED based light engine as per customers brief. The improved laser diode based light engine has completely replaced the previous design, drastically improving the performance of the air sampling units’ detection system. Several complete units incorporating the light engine are now undergoing BETA testing.

“We found our experience working with CAPPA to be very rewarding. Their expertise augmented our teams’ skills, allowing us to expedite development of our air sampling systems in a much shorter time scale than possible otherwise. Dealing with the people involved was also simple and professional from start to finish.”

Ruairi Monaghan, Research and Development Engineer