GE Healthcare



Company GE Healthcare
Type MNC
Sector Medical Imaging
Engagement Consultancy
Stepping Stone

Company Overview

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, GE Healthcare is a $17 billion unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE). Worldwide, GE Healthcare employs more than 46,000 people committed to serving healthcare professionals and their patients in more than 100 countries. GE Healthcare’s broad range of products and services are designed to help diagnose and treat cancer, heart disease, neurological diseases and other conditions. GE Healthcare’s manufacturing site in Cork produces contrast agents which are injected into the body to improve pictures obtained through medical scans, particularly of soft tissue and organs.


CAPPA is currently providing consultancy services in a number of areas to GE since the summer of 2011.

Stepping Stone

GE Healthcare has availed of CAPPA’s Stepping Stone programme to explore the possibilities of photonic technologies for online applications on their production line. The next steps are currently under discussion.

“CAPPA have become our go-to on materials investigation issues. CAPPA’s lab, people and systems are technically first-class, but also flexible and business-friendly.”

Jerry Larkin, Plant Reliability Manager