Stepping Stone Programme

Stepping Stone banner

To facilitate industrial access to the expertise and capabilities of CAPPA, we have created the Stepping Stone Programme. The programme is aimed particularly at companies and entrepreneurs who would like to take the first step towards exploring the potential of photonics for their business. Stepping Stone allows both parties to explore opportunities in a risk-free environment.

Who: Companies who have a problem statement or issue which could potentially be addressed by the development or implementation of a light-based technology. The programme is open to all companies and entrepreneurs including those already engaged in partnership with CAPPA.
Why: The aim is to encourage dialogue between industry and CAPPA in order to explore potential partnership in a risk-free environment for both parties. If needed an NDA can be put in place quickly.
How: The programme provides the framework to explore the problem statement over a full day. This includes a ½ day face-to-face brainstorming session with CAPPA researchers either on site at your facility or at CAPPA. CAPPA will then follow this with a ½ day of lab based experimental analysis to test the feasibility of potential solution paths.
What: At the conclusion of the programme CAPPA can provide feedback on the presented problem. This will include a Go-No-Go decision with the next steps if potential solution paths have been identified.

Applying to Stepping Stone

As outlined, Stepping Stone is open to both new and existing CAPPA partners. The problem or challenge to be addressed must have significant technical impact for a company’s products or processes. Requests which can be successfully dealt with through our consultancy services are not eligible for support under Stepping Stone. To find out more about the programme or to discuss whether your problem statement may be suitable you can contact us directly.