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The Centre for Advanced Photonics & Process Analysis (CAPPA) is a research group at Munster Technological University (MTU) and one of the 17 centres part of Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Network. CAPPA works in the area of Photonics, the generation and manipulation of light, and a major strand of CAPPA’s activities focuses on bringing the benefits of photonics technology to a diverse range of industry partners. This collaboration with industry is driven primarily through the Enterprise Ireland-funded CAPPA Technology Gateway.

CAPPA’s researchers have a strong track record of engagement with industry. Early collaborations centred on our core background strengths in photonic materials and devices, and consequently were primarily with the photonics sector. CAPPA’s work with industry focuses on a wide variety of sectors including Medical Devices & Technologies, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics and Food Technology, while consolidating our interaction with the Photonics sector. With photonics now positioned as a key enabling technology, there is scope for CAPPA to bring value to a wide range of manufacturing and product design sectors outside of those identified above.

What CAPPA offers to Industry

From large-scale collaborative projects to short-term consultancy services, CAPPA offers a number of avenues for companies to explore photonics solutions to their development needs. See the case studies pages for examples of companies CAPPA has previously worked with. Companies looking for more fundamental, longer-term research may also be interested in the Advanced Research section.


  • Optical fibre communications
  • Internet, BIM networks
  • In – car entertainment
  • Semiconductor Light Sources
  • Dynamics of Complex Systems
  • Interaction Between Light & Matter


  • Applied Spectroscopy for Process Control
  • Advanced Inspection Techniques
  • Analysis of Products & Processes


  • New Semiconductor Materials & Devices
  • Optical Test Equipment
  • Illumination for Industrial Applications


  • Wide Array of Contract Services
  • Imaging: Optical, SEM, Surface Profiling
  • Analysis: UV to IR, Mass Spectrometry

Who works with CAPPA?

CAPPA’s industrial partners come from a diverse range of sectors. The core business, products and services of our partners may differ enormously but they all have one thing in common: they derive benefit from incorporating photonics either into their products or into their manufacturing process.

Partners also come in a range of sizes from entrepreneurs, inventors and start-ups all the way up to multi-national corporations as evident in the list of recent and current industrial partners below. Our Case Study section provides further detail of some of our collaborations. Indeed the range of Supports & Services that CAPPA can provide is similarly broad and tailored to match the requirement of each partner.

Benefits of Partnership

  • Access to resources and skills not available within your company or organisation.
  • Flexibility to resource short, medium & long-term projects.
  • CAPPA can also open up the wider research community: CIT & Tyndall
  • Company staff can be located at CAPPA to enhance collaboration.
  • Opportunities for CAPPA researchers to locate at your facility.
  • Experience of R&D projects within regulated environments.
  • Successful track record in securing both research and industrial funding.
  • CAPPA technology has been commercially licensed.