Pharmaceuticals Sector

The importance of the pharmaceutical sector to Ireland is well established with 9 of the top 10 global companies based in Ireland. The largest cluster of pharmaceutical operations is in Cork, employing over 8,000 people in the region alone. Photonics makes significant contributions to the development and deployment of Process Analytical Technologies (PAT), a major priority within the industry currently, and has applications inline, at-line and offline.

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In the pharmaceuticals sector CAPPA focuses on various areas including but not limited to;

Product Analysis

  • Drug identification, raw material classification
  • Blend uniformity, API distribution
  • Chemometrics, multi-variate analysis
  • Rapid analysis & feedback

Process Monitoring

  • Process analytical technologies (PAT)
  • Inline/online sensors (gases, pH..)
  • Monitoring phase changes

Quality Control

  • Cleaning verification
  • Particle size analysis for powders
  • Root cause analysis of contaminants


  • Laser-inscribed tablet labelling
  • Anti-counterfeit measures