Tomasz Ochalski - CAPPA

Tomasz Ochalski

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Tomasz J. Ochalski obtained a Doctorate in technical science from the Institute of Electron Technology (IET), Warsaw, Poland in 2001, titled “High spatially resolved optical spectroscopy of optoelectronic device structures”.Dr Ochalski also obtained a Doctorate in 2002 in physics on the “Photoreflectance spectroscopy of semiconductor conpounds” from theMaria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, Poland. He subsequently worked for two years as a post-doctoral researcherat the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands, where he analyzed transistor structures based on nitride alloys and photosensitive tips of the STM. After this position, he returned to IET where he worked as a Senior Researcher and Principal Investigator of the State Committee for Scientific Research. In 2006, he moved to Ireland to work as a post-doctoral researcher and a Marie Curie Fellow at Tyndall Institute in the group of Dr Guillaume Huyet. In 2009, he was awarded a Proof of Concept research grant from Enterprise Ireland. Currently he is Photonic Senior Research Fellow at CIT.

Dr Ochalski is an expert in optical characterization of materials using modulation spectroscopy, pump-probe or time-resolved photoluminescence. He has also a detailed understanding on the physical processes in semiconductor materials including quantum well and quantum dot semiconductor nanostructures. During his stay in Cork, he has developed a semiconductor material characterisation laboratory and this new set-up includes state-of-the-art THz FTIR, a time-resolved photoluminescence set-up and a suite of other characterisation equipment. Dr Ochalski to date has published 55 scientific research articles, 1 book chapter and has been cited 268 times.