CAPPA Finalists in the Academic Contribution to Medtech Awards

December 11, 2018

The Irish Medtech Association, Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland hosted their 12th annial Irish Medtech Excellence Awards on Thursday the 6th of December, during the Medtech Rising Conference. CAPPA were nominated for this years’ Academic Contribution to Medtech in the Irish Medtech awards and were shortlisted as one of three finalists along with their sister Technology Gateway Company, Medical and Engineering Technologies (MET). CAPPA was nominated for their academic collaboration with Hooke Bio. The academic contribution to Medtech award recognises an academic institution for their leadership in Medtech innovation, which is developed in collaboration with an industry partner.

Hooke Bio is an emerging biotech company focused on the development of high throughput and high content testing platforms for faster and more effective drug screening. Hooke Bio operates in the preclinical drug discovery and personal medicine field. Hooke Bio has patented microfluidics technologies that allow their screening platform to work with voumes of liquid 10 to 100 times less than current liquid handling systems. The project CAPPA were nominated for was developing a wide field fluorescence imaging system. CAPPA designed and prototyped a bespoke imaging system with a larger field of view that allows investigation on multiplexed channels.

CAPPA¬†also exhibited at this year’s Medtech Rising Conference, which took place in the Rochestown Park Hotel in Cork from the 5th to the 6th of December 2018. The conference had a variety of world class speakers and finished with the Irish Medtech Excellence Awards Gala on the 6th of December. This two day conference had over 30 top speakers giving their insights into current trends in the medtech sector, as well as over 500 people in attendance. There are 450 medtech companies operating in Ireland which employs approximately 38,000 people. Medtech Rising 2018 brought together the world’s leading business leaders and international experts on, delivering better health outcomes, new technologies and cross-sector collaboration, innovation and growing product portfolios. This was a global conference for Ireland which provided unrivalled access to experts and industry trends with many senior Medtech professionals in attendance.

The conference explored a variety of topics. On the first day areas such as rethinking what it means to bring value to healthcare and the impact on innovation and coverage, as well as leading international physician’s perspectives on the application of new technologies including 3D, advanced robotics, AI and neurotechnology in a clinical setting to drive efficiency in surgery were all explored. On the second day of the conference topics such as investment strategies for Medtech, the global Medtech business model of the future and convergence of sectors to deliver more personalised healthcare and customer engagement of the future, a perspective from tech giants to early stage Medtech innovators were explored.

You can learn more about the work CAPPA did with Hooke Bio here or download the flyer here.