Case Studies


  • Emmet Hedigan, Managing Director, Inferneco:

    "Our experience in dealing with CAPPA and in particular the centre manager, Liam Lewis, has been great. We were going nowhere fast until we got involved with them. We are now very much on track so we owe a big thanks to Liam and his team. We intend to continue our work with CAPPA on a long term basis."

  • John Smithers, Senior Staff Engineer, Stryker:

    "Working with the CAPPA group has allowed Stryker access to resources and skills not available within the company. They were very flexible to deal with and were able to output results within days, which was very beneficial when dealing with tight industry timelines and quality control issues."

  • Frank Riedewald, CEO, Composite Recycling:

    "With the help of the knowledge and expertise provided by the CAPPA centre Composite Recycling was successful in achieving €50k funding under the SME Instrument Phase 1 call. We are now firmly driven towards developing our technology and ideas further and will be working closely with the CAPPA centre to submit a proposal for a larger phase 2 call later in the year."

  • Dr Norman McMillan, Managing Director, Advanced Nano Technologies (ANT):

    "CAPPA have demonstrated their professionalism, efficiency, initiative, expertise and above all with the very clear understanding of the need to address the industrial requirements of ANT in the Innovation Voucher. The company will have absolutely no hesitation in working with CAPPA in the future and will be recommending their services to others. ANT expects from the very good test results from CAPPA to be able to produce some product applications notes for pharmaceutical forensics that they believe will help the marketing of their novel technology. ANT Ltd. would like to collaborate with CAPPA in delivering their ambitions to provide a new generation of spectroscopic application technologies for the pharmaceutical industry, forensics, medicine, biotechnology, and environmental science."

  • Chiara Di Carlo, R&D Engineer Enterasense, Vysera Biomedical:

    "CAPPA helped us to better understand the challenges of the technology and identify the most effective way to develop and test a functional prototype. The team in CAPPA is extremely skilled and they delivered a high-performance prototype. In particular, we really appreciated the fact that the team listened to our direction and worked with us to deliver exactly what was needed. The team responded quickly to changes and offered innovative solutions to overcome problems and challenges met during the project."

  • Les Egan, CEO, Egan Concepts Ltd:

    "Egan Concepts gained access to knowledge and facilities outside of their core competencies of product and industrial design. The project allowed them to evaluate a wide variety of lasers with different output powers and beam quality at various wavelengths and price points. Guidance on the electrical, optical and thermal management of the sources was provided which was integrated into a working prototype and will be incorporated into the final product design."

  • Ruairi Monaghan, R&D Engineer, NuWave Ventures:

    "We found our experience working with CAPPA to be very rewarding. Their expertise augmented our teams’ skills, allowing us to expedite development of our air sampling systems in a much shorter time scale than possible otherwise. Dealing with the people involved was also simple and professional from start to finish."

  • Seamus Lane, MD, ZZ Ltd:

    "The CAPPA group engaged with us from the onset where they explored the viability of the project prior to the Enterprise Ireland application. The group maintained contact with us during the entire process where they demonstrated commitment to understanding the issues and the impact to our business. The group were successful in building a quality control model to allow us assess the maturity of mozzarella helping to ensure customer satisfaction. We would highly recommend the CAPPA group and would have no hesitation in working with the group in the future."

  • Dr Michael Napier, Director Chemical Technology, Janssen:

    "Janssen engaged CAPPA to investigate the suitability of a photonics solution to a pharmaceutical process problem and to compare the merits of this with other possible non-photonics alternatives. We were impressed by their creativity, thoroughness and speed of response. "

  • Jerry Larkin, Plant Reliability Manager, GE Healthcare:

    "CAPPA have become our go-to on materials investigation issues. CAPPA's lab, people and systems are technically first-class, but also flexible and business-friendly."

  • Damien McDonnell, Managing Director, Polar IceTech:

    "We found CAPPA very professional, helpful and accommodating to deal with. They were quick in understanding what we wanted to achieve and were enthusiastic about working with us to achieve these goals. We experienced a number of hiccups along the way but the manner in which these were dealt with was impressive and incredibly professional. Overall they were a pleasure to deal with."

  • Barry Walsh, MS&T Tech Transfer Lead/Chief Scientific Officer, Alcon:

    "Alcon have a long standing relationship with CAPPA going back over 5 years. We use the expertise of CAPPA on an ongoing basis for carrying out tests on products. Having CAPPA on our doorstep is hugely beneficial to Alcon as it provides us with the cutting edge analytical technology we need to make informed decisions on our process and projects. "

  • Stephen Bellis, Senior Design Engineer, SensL:

    "Many thanks to the team at CAPPA once again for supporting us in our testing and for their technical advice. They were always flexible and helped rearrange dates when the weather was inclement."

  • Ken Reynolds, Business & Technology Manager, ProPhotonix:

    "ProPhotonix gained access to key research and development expertise that would otherwise not have allowed them to develop this product. The company now has a market disruptive product available to them with key customers targeted."

  • James Hayes, Managing Director, Analyte:

    "The only word applicable to CAPPA is excellence, not only in terms of scientific competency, but their ability to interface and communicate with us at key milestones in the project. The final report was of the highest standard, both clear and comprehensible. I highly recommend CAPPA for any company in the optics/light imaging sector. As a result, we have now decided to continue our research and development with CAPPA due to their proven ability to delivery on time, to scope, and to the quality we expect."

Below is a selection of Industrial Case Studies chosen to highlight the relevance of CAPPA's research, activities and expertise to a diverse range of companies. The case studies give examples of engagement with companies of varying size and markets across CAPPA's full spectrum of supports. Just click on a company name to find out more about what CAPPA has enabled them to do.  
Company Size Sector Engagement
Advanced Nano Technologies SME Photonics Innovation Voucher
Alcon MNC Medical Device Consultancy Collaborative R&D
EnteraSense HPSU Medical Device Innovation Voucher & Direct Funding
Four Star Pizza SME Food and Beverage Innovation Voucher
GE Healthcare MNC Medical Imaging Consultancy Stepping Stone
Inferneco SME Food and Beverage Innovation Voucher
Janssen MNC Pharmaceuticals Feasibility Study
Logitech MNC Consumer Electronics Contract R&D
NuWave Sensors SME Healthcare Innovation Voucher
Polar IceTech SME Dry Ice Blasting Innovation Voucher
Radisens Diagnostics Start-Up Medical Diagnostics Innovation Voucher Collaborative R&D
Superlum SME Photonics Collaborative R&D EU FP7