CAPPA Announced as New SSPC Collaborator - CAPPA

About SSPC

The Centre for Advanced Photonics & Process Analysis (CAPPA) is delighted to announce that they are now an official Synthesis and Solid Dtate Pharmaceutical Cluster (SSPC) collaborator. SSPC is a Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) research cluster which was established in July 2013. SSPC is an internationally recognized hub of process innovation and advanced manufacturing for the pharmaceutical sector, it is the largest research collaboration in Ireland, and one of the largest globally, within the pharmaceutical area. SSPC’s mission is to position Ireland as a global hub for process innovation and advanced manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry. SSPC supports over 300 active members across academic and industry on a national and international level. SSPC has a proven record of accomplishment in pre-competitive multi – industry partnership projects and single partner projects, working with over 20 industry partners and ensuring the research is critically informed by the needs of the pharmaceutical end users.


CAPPA Announced as New SSPC Collaborator - CAPPA

The SSPC research programme will focus on five main topics; molecule, materials, medicine, manufacturing and modelling. CAPPA will be focusing their research under the associated theme of medicine. The objectives of this theme is to optimize the development, production and use of safe and effective medicines focusing on poorly soluble drugs, personalized and age appropriate medicines, and rational formulation and approaches with predictive performance. The key scientific expertise in this area focuses on preformulation and formulation of solid dosage forms; amorphous materials; microneedles; solid state characterization; pharmaceutical processing; dissolution studies; dissolution modelling; in vivo animal model; in vitro – in vivo correlations.


CAPPA Experience with the Pharmaceutical Industry

CAPPA has over 13 years’ experience in working with companies in the pharmaceutical sector. In the pharmaceutical sector CAPPA focuses on various areas including product analysis, product stability monitoring, process monitoring, quality control and packaging. CAPPA have worked with various pharmaceutical companies over the years including Janssen, Astellas, Sepha, Biocel and Hooke Bio. Photonics provides a range of invaluable solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. CAPPA have worked with photonics in the pharmaceuticals industry to investigate areas such as drug identification, blend uniformity, chemometrics, monitoring phase changes, cleaning verification, root cause analysis of contaminants, particle size analysis of powders and anti – counterfeit measures for packaging. CAPPA has been heavily involved in research for focusing on the development and deployment of Process Analytical Technologies (PAT), a major priority within the industry currently, and has applications inline, at – line and offline. CAPPA is also an Academic Partner of the industry – led Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC).

If you are interested in learning more about the SSPC and the funding opportunities available, you can contact CAPPA here or learn more about CAPPA’s work in the pharmaceutical industry here.