The Centre for Advanced Photonics and Process Analysis (CAPPA) is a research centre of Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) conducting both applied and fundamental research on photonics for applications in areas as diverse as telecommunications, pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage. The activities of CAPPA have two main foci: Innovation for Industry and Advanced Research. In the Innovation for Industry focus CAPPA provides photonics solutions to companies in a variety of sectors, on scales from short-term consultancy to multi-year collaborative projects. In the Advanced Research focus CAPPA conducts internationally-recognized academic research on topics such as non-linear dynamics of lasers and ultrafast laser physics, and the understanding the dynamics of novel semiconductor materials and devices.

As part of its continuing development and in keeping with the company value of innovative qualities, CAPPA has launched a new YouTube channel which will act as a hub for showcasing CAPPA activities in both the academic and industry sectors of the centre. This channel will showcase some of the work that CAPPA has conducted as well as give an overview of the centre and its service offering.

As part of the development of a CAPPA YouTube channel the centre created a new promotional video which went live on 11th of March 2019. The new video is to reflect that the CAPPA group now works in a variety of different areas including pharmaceutical, telecommunications, medical devices, food and beverage and works with companies in a wide variety of sizes from start-ups to multinational corporations.

The new video gives an overview of CAPPA as well as some of the customers they have previously engaged with. The video gives an overview of the innovation for industry section of CAPPA’s focus and showcases specifically the work CAPPA conducts with industry. The video features Máiréad O’ Donnell, Head of Operations of Polar IceTech, Norman McMillan, co-founder of Advanced Nano Technologies (ANTs) and Mark Lyons, CEO of Hooke Bio.

Dr Liam Lewis, CAPPA Centre Manager stated “We are delighted to launch our new YouTube channel and promotional video to showcase the work we do at CAPPA. The video showcases the various work we have conducted in recent years, our various service offerings and how we have collaborated with industry. We were delighted to have some of the companies that we have previously worked with take part in the video.”

You can visit the new YouTube channel here and learn more about the work CAPPA has done with industry here.