Project Description

Company Overview

Inferneco - CAPPAInferneco is a small indigenous Irish start-up company delivering products primarily to the ignition area. Recently through contacts in the drinks industry the company started exploring the idea of developing a simple disinfection unit that would work in a variety of public establishments.

Engagement with CAPPA

The company wanted to initially explore the efficacy of the feasibility of the product which was carried out through a series of Innovation Vouchers and direct funded engagements. Subsequently a simple demonstrator was designed and developed in partnership with TSSG and Design+ Technology Gateways.

How CAPPA Delivered Solution for Industry

CAPPA helped with the initial funding application and also carried out two rounds of feasibility testing to investigate the operation of the device. CAPPA were also involved with the design and manufacture of a prototype for the company to use as a showcase to potential clients. CAPPA was able to help Inferneco with initial feasibility of their product, assistance with navigating the funding sources available to them and the introduction and engagement with other Technology Gateways to achieve an initial working prototype.