CAPPA Attends APACT 2022 Conference - CAPPA

The Centre for Advanced Photonics and Process Analysis (CAPPA) were delighted to attend this year’ Advances in the Process Analytics and Control Technologies (APACT) Conference, which took place on the 14th to the 16th of September at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Chester.

The conference was an open forum for the presentation and discussion of recent scientific and engineering advances relevant to process analytics and control technologies. Plenary and keynote speakers report recent advances in the development and application of novel process analytics, predictive modelling and control technologies, and will review the benefits achieved. Attendees of the conference included senior managers, scientists and engineers in the process industries, academics specialising in analytical science, control technologies and other
related disciplines and companies that develop and market process analysis, data analysis and modelling and control technologies.

The conferences themes and talks included areas such as advances in process engineering modelling and control, developments in bioprocess analysis and control, new methodologies in data analysis and modelling, advances in process analysis technologies, measurement and modelling needs in digital manufacturing. As part of the conference, the Centre for Process Analytics and Control Technology (CPACT) is the leading network for companies seeking advice and research on all areas of process performance monitoring and control, whose 25th anniversary was also celebrated.

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