The Centre for Advanced Photonics & Process Analysis (CAPPA) are delighted to be taking part in the annual day of photonics on 21 October 2021. The day of photonics is an annual event that promotes photonics towards the general public. Companies, research organisations and organisations involved in photonics will reach out to their communities to raise awareness about what is photonics and why it is important, and promote the role of their organisation in the photonics ecosystem and value chain.

This year as part of the day of photonics 2021, the OPTAPHI consortium created a series of videos highlighting the area of photonics. These videos are aimed at Transition Year students but can be viewed by all age groups. You can see the videos created for the Day of Photonics 2021 below.

CAPPA Videos for Day of Photonics.

OPTAPHI Lab Tour at University of Montpellier

OPTAPHI Videos for International Day of Photonics 

Overview of OPTAPHI Research at TU Wien