Project Description

Company Overview

EnteraSense - CAPPAEnteraSense is an Enterprise Ireland High Potential Start-up (HPSU) company based in Galway, developing an ingestible biosensor that detects bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract in real time without requiring a complicated intervention. The company approached CAPPA with a view to developing the optical elements of a swallowable pill to be used for the detection on intestinal bleeding post-surgery. The unit had to be small enough to fit inside a pill shaped container which the patient would ingest. Some initial work had been done to source a simple solution by the company from which they wanted to develop a working design.

Engagement with CAPPA

Through a combination of an Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher and subsequent 100% funded projects from the company, CAPPA investigated a variety of ways in which the signal detection could be improved, implementing bespoke LEDs, filters and detector systems. CAPPA also investigated appropriate layouts of the optical components in order to produce the most efficient design. CAPPA also partnered with its local gateway TEC to assist in the development of the driving, measurement and output electronics required for the unit. Several small evaluator models were constructed along with a Bluetooth interface to monitor the units operation in an artificial environment.

How CAPPA Delivered Solution for Industry

The company now had a demonstrator to exhibit at a high profile medical device conference in the US. Following on from feedback with the clinicians present the company is hoping to progress the products development by further enhancing its capability, robustness and operation.