Project Description

Company Overview

Radisens Diagnostics - CAPPARadisens Diagnostics develops disruptive point-of-care diagnostic platforms and multiplexed test panels, which diagnose and monitor patients for multiple chronic and acute care conditions. This is the only point-of-care platform to integrate immunoassay, biochemistry and cellular haematology onto a single test panel. Using a finger-prick of blood, the analyser returns laboratory-grade results in the doctor’s office within minutes. With offices in Cork, Ireland and Boston, Massachusetts, Radisens Diagnostics is a convergence of medical diagnostics and consumer electronics using disruptive patent pending technology to deliver on the significant market and clinical need for decentralising diagnostics into point of care settings such as doctor’s offices, outpatient and emergency room departments, intensive care units and hospital bedsides.

Engagement with CAPPA

CAPPA began working with Radisens in late 2010 on a short-term R&D project supported by Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Voucher programme. The research undertaken was aimed at providing new insight into the company’s flow cytometry platform through optical simulation of their unique technology.

How CAPPA Delivered Solution for Industry

CAPPA and Radisens are currently engaged in collaborative R&D which has been supported jointly by the company and Enterprise Ireland under their Innovation Partnership programme. This project started in Summer 2011 and will continue to run until Autumn 2012. Radisens and CAPPA are investigation novel optical approaches to realising the company’s innovative diagnostic technologies. The research combines both numercial simulation and experimental development and matches Radisens expertise in microfluidcs and biochemistry with CAPPA’s focus on optical technologies.