The Centre for Advanced Photonics and Process Analysis (CAPPA) is delighted to be a sponsor at this year’s Photonics Ireland conference. Photonics Ireland is the premier photonics event in Ireland bringing together key people in the academic and industry sectors to present state of the art research and challenges in the area of photonics on national and international levels. The virtual conference this year will take place from 14 -16 June 2021.

The biennial Photonics Ireland conference series has been running since 2007. Photonics Ireland brings together the Irish photonics community, including academic and industry partners. High profile national and international speakers will showcase some of their latest research and achievements in photonics. The conference will bring together over 160 academics and industry partners for a three-day programme; the session includes a half-day session focused on industry and entrepreneurship, including representatives from multinational companies, small to medium enterprises and start-ups.

As well as being, an overall sponsor of the conference CAPPA will also be sponsoring the Photonic Integration session, which takes place on the first day of the conference beginning at 10.30, and will be chaired by Dr William Whelan Curtin. CAPPA will have two speakers presenting at the conference. Dr Steven Darby will be presenting a talk on “Lasers vs Covid-19: Using laser sheets to measure mask efficacy” and Dr Sharon Butler will be presenting a talk on “III-V/Si Hybrid Laser with Extended Mode-Hop Free Operation through Controlled Cavity Mode Spacing.

CAPPA researchers will also take part in several poster sessions throughout the conference with topics including:

  • ColorX: Building a Colorimetric Sensor by modifying a Fitness Tracker
  • Diamond emission enhancement via ion implantation
  • A Model for Thermo-Optic Non-Linear Dynamics of 2D Photonic Crystal Cavities
  • Silicon Nitride Graded Index (GRIN) Lens for output coupling
  • The Formation and Interaction of Localised Structures in a Long Cavity Laser
  • Dynamics of wavelength tuning mechanism of 850 nm slotted semiconductor laser suitable for Optical Coherence Tomography
  • Quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy photonic integration

CAPPA representatives will be attending the full conference if you are interested in speaker with a representative on the day you can visit the CAPPA virtual exhibition booth or contact us directly. For more information about Photonics Ireland 2021 and to register for the conference, visit