Project Description

Company Overview

AerNua - CAPPAAerNua by EAM Engineering Asset Management Limited (EAM Group) is a multifaceted physical resources asset management company with activities ranging from project planning and management to product development and regulatory certification. AerNua’s cutting-edge sterilisation technology and proven science assists in the production of clean air. Their aim is to help the community in the fight against COVID – 19 and other common virus transmissions.  

Engagement with CAPPA

EAM reacted swiftly to drawbacks faced by community due to COVID-19 situation by developing a novel, highly integrated air-management, monitoring, and sterilisation appliance AerNua. EAM Group has CAPPA to help with the development process mostly in terms of characterisation and testing i.e. verification and validation of EAM Group’s system design and engineering calculations.

How CAPPA Delivered Solution for Industry

CAPPA has characterised and tested AerNua appliance in terms of special distribution of irradiance and airflow. This has been done on both empirical and numerical level. CAPPA’s testing and mathematical evaluation of the AerNua 100 Series appliance provided AerNua with the confidence to move forward into full production in metal fabrication. AerNua feels that independent testing and, verification of the product and application of the science, strongly positions AerNua for investor funding and success in this competitive market.