Project Description

Company Overview

Mason Technology - CAPPAMason Technology has over 230 years of industry experience and is one of Ireland’s leadin scientific solutions providers offering complete application solutions to scientific, medical, industrial, academic and food science markets. Mason Technology has developed solid partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands in chromatography, spectroscopy, microscopy, biotechnology, vacuum systems and laboratory and industrial weighing equipment. 

Engagement with CAPPA

Mason Technology approached CAPPA with the idea to investigate a novel imaging modality applied in the life science sector. CAPPA enabled Mason Technology with the right equipment, such as bespoke, multiplexed, multiwavelength LED light sources and materials of appropriate tissue culture ensembles, to verify the initial viability of the concept.

How CAPPA Delivered Solution for Industry

CAPPA personnel, which was made up of two senior researchers and one Bio-Explore collaborator, provided Mason Technology with expertise to test the concept efficiently and to identify and indicate possible avenues to follow up. Working with CAPPA enabled Mason Technology with the opportunity to leverage facilities and expertise, which they might not have otherwise been able to access, and CAPPA’s knowledge and expertise complimented Mason Technology’s internal knowledge and expertise.