Project Description

Company Overview

UV Medico - CAPPAUV Medico Ireland is a member of REL group. UV Medico are exclusive distributors in the Island of Ireland. REL Group are involved in HVAC , Technical service for FMCG companies such as Diageo and Britvic. REL are also exclusive distributors for BRITA professional filters and water dispensers.

Engagement with CAPPA

The company had engaged with an overseas collaborator to potentially become a local market access point for a novel state of the art, UV driven, bacterial and viral control unit. The company has the mechanical and facilities know how to drive this business but lacked the scientific background in UV technology to fully understand the potential and opportunities that the product could realise.

How CAPPA Delivered Solution for Industry

CAPPA carried out due diligence on the product and guided the company in terms of the considerations and opportunities that should be addressed prior to full engagement. CAPPA also met with the overseas partners and probed on the finer detail of the background to the UV technology in order to build confidence for the company. CAPPA’s oversight and evaluation of the technology and ability to highlight benefits, opportunities and H&S aspect of the device that the company needed to consider has allowed them to now become a unique distributor of this product in Ireland and the UK. CAPPA also made a no of introductions to potential end users for the UV medico device and highlight new business opportunities for the company.