Project Description

Company Overview

CW Applied Technology - CAPPACW Applied Technology offers Design, Manufacture and Distribution services to facilitate successful electronic and in particular, IoT enabled innovations. As well as product design, CW Applied Technology are also re-imagining manufacturing to satisfy the demands of an evolving market. Fast time to market with high-end, personalized client owned technology solutions is what they see as their key differentiator.  

Engagement with CAPPA

CW Applied Tech were quick to react to Covid-19 crisis and designed and implemented MUV-X room sterilizer. It is a portable sanitizing device which uses four high-output UV-C lamps to emit powerful beams of ultraviolet light, quickly sterilizing the air and all visible surfaces in a room. UV-C has a long history of use in medical facilities, as it inactivates viruses and kills bacteria. Independent performance versification is an important step in product development and commercialization process. CW Technology has engaged CAPPA in order to verify the performance (irradiance and dose) of their MUV-X room sterilizer.

How CAPPA Delivered Solution for Industry

The irradiance and dose values were measured with UVPAD E spectral radiometer with external fibre coupled sensor head (Opsytec DE) 1. These measurements were taken over 120s time window. Prior to the measurements’ bulbs were warmed up over 120s. For each distance (0.5m, 1m, 2m) 2 measurements were  taken (or attempted in case of too low signal): one with sensor head oriented perpendicularly to the plane joining 2 most adjacent bulbs (denoted as orientation ꓕ) and  another one with sensor head oriented parallel to the plane joining 2 most adjacent bulbs (denoted as ‖). For each measurement, sensor head was held at half the bulb length. CAPPA’s help was helpful with fast-tracking the commercialization process of the new MUV-X sanitization unit. This was a factor in enabling a quick route to market during the COVID-19 pandemic.