Project Description

Company Overview

DexGreen - CAPPADexGreen is a design and manufacturing company with expertise in telecommunications access network products. Their sales team work directly with the engineers at customers’ organisation to provide bespoke solutions in a timely manner. DexGreen can provide ideas, concepts and solutions to reduce fault levels and improve overall efficiency and reliability to an existing Telecoms Access Network. They place a high emphasis on research and development and continuously add and modify products which are the primary driver for their growth. All their products are accredited according to the relevant technical and quality standards and they are tested according to international best quality practices prior to launch and are subjected to on-going quality testing prior to delivery to the customer.

Engagement with CAPPA

DexGreen required analytical and inspection services, that CAPPA could provide, for sealing interface analysis in telecommunication closures, stability testing of raw materials and final products, product composition and general analysis.

How CAPPA Delivered Solution for Industry

CAPPA provided DexGreen with access to the wide variety of services and techniques that are available at CAPPA, including a wide assortment of facilities located across two facilities and access to their highly skilled staff members who have experience in a range of disciplines. DexGreen were able to avail of services such as Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), EDX, Raman and Infrared Spectroscopy. This provided the critical analysis information DexGreen required for trouble-shooting, research and quality control. DexGreen was able to invest in research and development through CAPPA to aid and support product development by providing reliable background information, at a very competitive rate. DexGreen was able to avail of the facilities and services at CAPPA as their needs arose and as a result reduced downtime within the company.