Project Description

Company Overview

Composite Recycling - CAPPAComposite Recycling Ltd is a start-up located in the Rubicon Centre, geared towards the recycling of composite plastics such as tyres or printed circuit boards. Composite Recycling has developed the first commercially viable process for recycling whole tyres. The process uses molten zinc at 450 °C to recover pyrolysis oil and carbon black and steel in a sink-float separation. Our tyre recycling process significantly reduces the capital and operating costs of an industrial scale plant compared to the traditionally used rotary kiln processes, which are uneconomical as the tyres need to be shredded prior to processing. Moreover, it takes less than 30 minutes to degrade a whole tyre.

Engagement with CAPPA

CAPPA conducted investigation into various samples to investigate an efficient tyre recycling process as well as conducting tests on PCB’s to investigate the breakdown of these. As a result of these tests they wanted to further develop their process, technologies and ideas and needed additional funding to do so. Composite Recycling wanted to avail of CAPPA’s expertise in writing a competitive proposal. Using an EI H2020 Innovation Voucher the company was able to leverage CAPPA’s expertise to construct and submit a competitive proposal for EU funding under the SME Instrument Stage 1 call.

How CAPPA Delivered Solution for Industry

As a result of leveraging the expertise of CAPPA, Composite Recycling has been awarded a €50,000 stage 1 funding grant and will be now able to develop its technology to the next level. They are now able to look at a stage 2 funding call which they will again look to CAPPA for help in writing and submitting.